30 thoughts on “Tiny Vacuum Cleaner

  1. …Laughing…that is like my most fovorite thing. In this book there was a page that was about things to think about, and one of them was “Is it really good if a vacuum sucks?”

  2. I heard a story about some vacuum cleaner campaign-
    We Suck Better
    I forget which vacuum it was for, but it was FUNNY.
    I think suction is a better word. A good word.
    That little vacuum SUCTIONS!
    He’s so cute!


    purpgee2000: Electrolux used to have an ad campaign that said “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.” It cracks me up.

  4. Okay, I’ve been coming here daily to see if there’s a new tiny thing. This one takes the cake, Anna. That’s serious cuteness right there.

  5. AWWWWW! and that one was definitely aloud… And I know someone who would really appreciate this *sends link*

  6. *Ba dum bum Chssssh*

    Thats the sound of the classic drum and cymbals after comic pun…in case you couldn’t tell :)

  7. Yes, I hesitated to go with the pun, but in the end I just couldn’t resist. Especially not when it means I can examine the vacuum’s self-esteem issues!

  8. she who hesitates to pun makes kittens cry… or something like that! ;) but i guess i’m biased… i like tiny vacuum’s pun so much that i startled our (very mature) cat with my lol!

  9. Ah! That is so cute!

    I think the vacuum cleaner is my new favorite tiny thing.

    I really hope you are going to do a book of patterns of these.

  10. Gee, I need a new vacuum cleaner and this one definitely looks like he’s got heart! Anna, you are incredibly gifted! I can’t wait to see what each day brings!

  11. I love it!

    My 2 year old is seriously afraid of vacuums-won’t go near them even when they aren’t plugged in. Won’t even go near toy ones. Wonder if he’d be ok with one this small!

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