They’re cute! And friendly! And balding!


Baldees are a new Mochimochi Land toy now available exclusively at Schmancy, the Seattle vinyl and plush toy store. A limited batch of 20 Baldees—four each of five balding types—are now available in store and from the Schmancy online shop. Collect them all!

These are toys, and not knitting patterns—the pattern will be coming to the Mochimochi Shop next month.


19 thoughts on “Baldees

  1. Not to scare you, but I saw a guy at a wedding that was wearing pants like the Baldees’ and they hit the floor with amazing speed while he was in the food line. A frightening sight! I’m thinking your Baldees could use some suspenders.

  2. Hahaha! Sorry for the TRIPLE post but I was thinking i need them 4 a few ppl in my life… lol

  3. I think every barber needs a set. “Sir, do you want me to style your–um–hair like this? Or like this?

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