A recent gaming obsession was PiCTOBiTS, the retro-style puzzle game for the DSi. It is addictive! Then frustrating! Then over. (I was sad when it was over.)


PiCTOBiTS is only available for the DSi, but you can read reviews of other cheap and free games for many systems (including your web browser) in the new biweekly Sawbuck Gamer feature that John put together on The A.V. Club website.

4 thoughts on “PiCTOBiTS

  1. Yes, it’s similar to Tetris, but you use a stylus to move around individual “bits.” As you eliminate blocks of bits, the bits move up to the top screen to gradually form a picture from an 8-bit game. It’s fun!

  2. Cool! I will have to try it. Except it only comes on DSi, right?

    Sorry that was such a short comment. Seemed a little, hmmm, short! ;)

  3. Oooh, it looks neat! I want a DS, but don’t have one yet. There’s another game out on PS3 right now (and maybe XBox?) that I think you might enjoy – it’s called Fat Princess, and you’re a little guy who can be either a worker, warrior, mage, priest, or an archer and you’re trying to kidnap the princess from the other side. You feed your princess cake and she gets really fat, which makes her harder to carry, so the other team has a harder time kidnapping her! The graphics are really cute and it’s fun to play. I like being the worker and upgrading the castle doors and things, and of course feeding the princess. It always makes me giggle! :)

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