APAK in Seattle and Tina Berning in NYC

How cute is this painting by APAK!


They’re opening a new show called “Tiny Adventures” at Schmancy in Seattle this Friday, so if you’re in the area, check it out! (Every other post on my blog lately seems to involve Schmancy, I know… They’re just always up to something interesting!)


Gosh they are the cutest.

Also, tomorrow (9/10) gallery hanahou in NYC (where I work when I’m not knitting) reopens with a solo show of works by Tina Berning. Tina’s paintings and drawings are simply amazing (I have a piece by her hanging on the wall next to me right now, in fact) and must be seen in person. Join us for the opening reception of “The Passengers” tomorrow, 6-9 pm, or come hear the artist talk about her work on Saturday (9/12) at 2 pm. (RSVP info@galleryhanahou.com for either event.)


Tina Berning: THE PASSENGERS III, 32 x 23.5 cm, Ink and Gouache on paper, 2009

5 thoughts on “APAK in Seattle and Tina Berning in NYC

  1. Tose little fruit-cherry-people-things are cute! They look like needle felting though… :)

  2. :) I never learned how to needle felt… just wasn’t in my book. Do you know what those little things are called?

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