Plush You Preview

I sent off my one-of-a-kind toys last month for this year’s Plush You show in Seattle. I’m especially excited about what I made this year!

Here’s a little preview—it’s a quick photo I took back over the July 4th weekend as I was working on the first of three toys for the show at my in-laws’.


Any guesses what kind of creature this is? If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you might have an idea.

I’ll show the finished toys soon. Plush You 2009 opens at Schmancy in Seattle on October 9th!

12 thoughts on “Plush You Preview

  1. My first thought was “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, but now I’m wondering if it’s a bonsai mountain with moss for forests…

  2. Ah. I was half hoping it was a rock with lichens, as lichens are one of the things I have done research on. (However, they are a bit too bright green to be lichens…)

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