Tiny Elephant


He would like to eat a peanut, if only he weren’t peanut-sized himself!

Thea suggested a tiny elephant back in July, so she gets a free pattern. Thanks, Thea!

24 thoughts on “Tiny Elephant

  1. Okay, this is totally random but I can’t find the hearts pattern! I clicked on free patterns and it’s not there, and I typed it in the search box and it wasn’t there either. I dunno, maybe it’s my computer or something. I hope they aren’t gone! :(

  2. Okay, sorry to post again, but I found it by going to Ravelry and using that link, but I couldn’t find it off your blog.

    I knit a heart a loooooong time ago and I think I lost it because I was pretty new to knitting, but I want to make more! :)

    Sorry to bother.

  3. If you click on the “free patterns” button, you have to then click on “older” at the top of the page to get to the Hearts. It’s because I now have so many free patterns that they won’t all fit on one page! I agree it’s not so obvious, though. Glad you found the link by yourself finally.

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