Baldees Pattern Now Available!

Are you or is someone you love experiencing a refreshing breeze up top? Forget the Rogaine – grab a set of needles and celebrate the beauty of balding with Baldees, the newest pattern in the Mochimochi Shop!


These gorgeous little guys are super-quick knits with no seaming! The pattern comes with personality profiles for each balding type and instructions for how to achieve the fascinating forms thinning hair comes in.

Techniques include knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, picking up and knitting stitches, and I-cord. You’ll also need a crochet hook for the hair.

Buy the patterns as a download for $5 here!

You can also still buy a ready-made Baldee knitted by Anna herself online through Schmancy.

8 thoughts on “Baldees Pattern Now Available!

  1. I really appreciate the Baldie named Sarah. The thinning of women’s hair is usually regarded as a gross aberration, not to be seen nor commented upon. Wouldn’t it be great if the thinning hair of females was just as acceptable as a man’s little potbelly or fringe around the head? Let’s hear it for Sarah, brave enough to go without a hot, confining, deceptive wig!

  2. As much as I love all the different hair types, it’s the universally high pants that amuse me the most!

  3. Thank you, Anna, for highlighting a problem that is not just experienced by males, but females as well! And in a fun and unoffensive way… Who knows who among us may end up like Sarah? ^_^

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