Hardly-Hirsute Hamish

I was lucky to have some super-creative testers try out the Baldees pattern before it went in the shop. Their Baldees are so cool that I couldn’t wait to show them here.

First up is Kate’s Hardly-Hirsute Hamish!


From Kate (aka discosmurf on Ravelry):

H. H. Hamish is lovingly cultivating a small fuzz of facial hair (or is it chest hair?) to draw attention away from his lack lustre locks. He likes sunsets and movies (with Fantales), but dislikes windy days.

Aw, sounds like Hamish is putting out an ad to attract that special someone who will love him for his winning personality.

Kate was also sweet enough to send me a package of the Fantales that she mentioned, straight from Australia. They are like Rollos, except better because they come with movie trivia printed on the wrappers!


I’m trying to ration them, but it’s true that they’re especially tempting when watching a movie.

Thank you, Kate, for the test and the treats!

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