Big Mouth O’ Fluff

Update: I can’t believe it, but someone pretty much guessed spot-on in the comments! It’s going to be a factory with tiny stuff coming out on a conveyor belt.

Bet you can’t guess what this guy is going to be! (No really—I’m pretty certain you’ll never guess. But you can try anyway!)


It’s something I’m making for the upcoming Luv-able and Hug-able plush show at gallery hanahou. I’ll reveal more as it comes along!

28 thoughts on “Big Mouth O’ Fluff

  1. A brick? Also, I have a mini things idea… I always loved Schoolhuse Rock… So how about Bill of “I’m just a bill”?

  2. When I first saw it, it looked like it’d be a seat cushion for a Barcalounger or other recliner of some sort but I figured the opening was left for a reason other than stuffing…..

  3. Industrial? What about a bulldozer or a crane! :) Or maybe an assembly line is coming out of his mouth?

  4. Ohhhh! Thank you! :)

    I think it could be a tractor, bulldozer, crane, dump truck?

    Okay maybe this is cheating, but I see blue and gray yarn behind there. ;)

  5. No WAY! Sarah totally guessed it. It’s an assembly line/factory! I can’t believe someone got it.

    I’ll show more as it comes along!

  6. I’m way off topic here since I “stumbled and wandered” to get here and then just scanned down the blog. I looked at this and thought, “Hey, a dryer lint collector!” I don’t knit or crochet, but I will be sewing a lint monster to more attractively collect lint for my fire starters. Thanks for the idea –however unintended it might have been:-)

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