I just discovered COLOURlovers, an online community/blog/resource for color inspiration—very cool! A contributor to the site recently blogged about the colors used in some of my toy designs.


I love the way the people on COLOURlovers obsessively create color palates from different sources. Here is the distilled version made from the colors in my Giant Mushrooms Attack the City knitted sculpture.


It looks so planned out when it’s shown like this! Gives me inspiration to put just a little more thought into my color choices.

3 thoughts on “COLOURlovers

  1. @tropicalgirlknits: I guess it could, though its more for graphic designers to organize their color palates. I use it to get inspiration for websites I design.

  2. That’s really awesome!

    I don’t knit with color very much, just because of limitations on time and money, but I absolutely adore playing with color palettes and creating fair isle designs. Just recently, I came across an old coloring book of mine that is full of snowflake/fractal-type designs, and it’s specifically intended for artists to play with colors! I’ve been having fun coming up with all kinds of neat color combinations, and actually coloring in the pictures that I thought were too pretty to touch when I was a kid. Get on and do a search for “designs for coloring” and you’ll come up with tons of adult coloring books – they’re really fun and helpful!

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