Bye, Cats

Our cats on loan from my Brother-in-law sadly had to say goodbye over the weekend. They were with us for about two and a half months, so they really became a part of our family, and it was hard to see them go. John and I feel very lucky to have had Tucker and Zizzou while we did, though.

Here are some of my favorite cat pics from their stay with us!

The fish tank was, as a friend remarked, like HBO for the cats. That is, once they figured out they were never going to catch the fish by swatting at the tank.


Tired kitty on the bed!


Tired kitty in the socks!


Zissou was particularly tolerant of our affection.


We will miss you, cats!

15 thoughts on “Bye, Cats

  1. Is that a new bedspread? They really are the nicest cats I ever met. Maybe it’s time for a guinea pig!!

  2. I will miss seeing these lovely kitties… but I hope you have a wonderful time with your very own cats!

  3. Seeing the kitties in front of the fish tank reminds me of one of the reasons I wanted to get a fish tank. It’s the type of thing I love to do (watch the fishies), and I’m sure our cat would enjoy it too.

    But I want a dog more than fishies, so I think Saru-chan will just need to live sans Fish TV.

  4. I love your photos of the cats – being owned myself by 2 Burmese and 2 Abyssinian cats I highly recommend felines as essential members of one’s family!!

  5. They are only today acclimating to their surroundings and I can tell that they miss you. Their summer vacation in NYC is one they will never forget. I look forward to hosting their Godparents down here for a weekend of fine meals, sight seeing, and kitty cuddlin’!

  6. my block seems to grow cats out of thin air, so you’re welcome to come to philly and pick some up! there’s a particularly sweet one living on our porch, but four cats is our house limit.

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