Mossy Things for Plush You

Wanna see what I made for Plush You this year? It’s a Mossy Rock, a Mossy Log, and Mossy Ground!




These three will be available at this year’s Plush You show, which opens October 9th at Schmancy in Seattle. (I think they’ll be available online too!)

I really liked how they turned out (even strange little ground guy), but my absolute favorite thing about this project were the tags that I made for them.



I had this idea in my head of what I wanted the tags to look like, and then I made them and they turned out just how I wanted! I made them using Illustrator, which is pretty much my favorite thing now.

15 thoughts on “Mossy Things for Plush You

  1. WOOOOOW! Those are adorable! I love the little gorund all sprawled out!!! :)

    And the little mushroom on the ground.

  2. Thank you for the super-nice comments, everyone! I was glad to see that Mossy Ground got a little love. He is kind of the black sheep of the family.

  3. Just completely cute.

    I think you’ve got a winning product here, if you can get these critters to market (with those darling tags you made). I don’t knit, so I’m waiting to see these guys and many more from Anna’s patterns up on Etsy or or…

  4. These give off a very wise feeling! I love them!

    Is it just me or do some of the moss bits look like Ninjabun? XD

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