Colorful Boos

Whoa, Halloween’s not far off! Wouldn’t it be awesome to dress in brown and attach a bunch of Boos to yourself, to be a tree with bats in it? I guess that might be a little over the top, but sometimes I’m tempted to wear the toys I make….

Here are a few more Boos that I fell for on Ravelry. There are so many fabulous ones!

iamkashi‘s boo isn’t afraid to show its softer side with floral buttons!


Aw and check out this super-cute group of Boos made by orangecat! I bet they get together on Saturdays to play squash. Or Yahtzee!


9 thoughts on “Colorful Boos

  1. Those are a cute set of boos. I love the idea of the pretty buttons. I always want to buy those buttons, but don’t have the foggiest idea what to attach them too (they are usually too fancy or big for sweaters).

  2. dare i confess? my best halloween costume EVER was a tree… and that’s exactly what i did: brown tights, brown boots, brown cardigan. my hair’s already brown, so i just added some fall leaves, and somehow managed to use a giant barrette to attach an actual branch to my head from which i hung my two possum puppets! if only i’d had some boos! but this *was* 15 years ago… ;D

  3. can i just say, as a relatively novice knitter (a dilettante, really), how thrilled i am to have my boo on anna’s blog?!?!

    i adore mmland!



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