21 thoughts on “Tiny Helicopter

  1. Hahahahahahaha! Drowning ant! :)

    That is adorable! I love his little feet and spinny thing at the top. (Is that a blade at the top? I can’t remember what it’s called.)

  2. That is exceptionally cute. I could see a whole bunch of those, in different colors, used to make a mobile in a little boy’s bedroom. (Or a helicopter loving little girl…)

  3. My sister flies helicopters for fun. I’d love to make her one of these to put on her desk at her ‘day’ job!

  4. I think he’s ready to be of service to those tiny ghosts who may get overrun by tiny trick-or-treaters! Anna, you never, ever cease to delight and amaze!

  5. hahahaha! I love the propellers! You should make a book featuring your tiny things, or just sell the patterns in your shop (5 for 5 maybe??)

  6. That is the cutest helicopter I’ve ever seen, hands down. All the tiny members of the tiny-things series makes me so happy, but tiny chicken will always have a place in my heart. Also, if you were to make a tiny ray gun, that would be a close second.

  7. Cute! You should make an under the sea theme some time! Like little turtles, fishies, starfish, dolphins, basically fishies galore! :)

  8. Oh this is just too adorable. I’m trying to fudge one from your picture because my kids are harrassing me for one, but I think I’ll have to wait for a pattern….

  9. That little anecdote just made a boring afternoon a whole lot more fun! I’m loving the tiny things.

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