Tiny Pancakes


They actually prefer the word “flapjacks” (except for the one in the middle—he’s from the UK).

Tiffany suggested tiny pancakes in the comments, so she gets a free pattern. Thanks, Tiffany!

25 thoughts on “Tiny Pancakes

  1. OMG! I might have a new favorite!!! Those are ah-dorable.

    Are those chocolate chips on the side or syrup? (Sorry, I’m not wearing my glasses today because it’s a school holiday!)

  2. Some of my favorite stitch markers are pancakes so it only follows that these now move to my Favorites list for Tiny Things! Oh Anna–how I look forward to Fridays for your newest creations!

  3. I want to see a tiny book full of all their photographs! Even better: I want to put all the tiny things in a basket and plunge my hand in there and swirl them around.

  4. That is so cute, i totally agree with melissa, they just keep getting better! i cant wait to see your next one!!

    Hey, how about a water bufallo, that could be cute :)

  5. Yum…and I so agree with Kimberly about putting all the little guys in a basket…!

    How about a tiny penguin? Actually, I’d like to see a Mochimochi penguin full stop! Please?! That would be beyond awesome!

  6. I wonder if the tiny chicken laid the super tiny eggs that made the pancakes. Pancakes are awesome, tiny pancakes are even better!

  7. So cute! Definately pancakes (I’m form the UK too!)

    …maybe some little bacons and sausages to go for a complete breakfast?

    …or little fruits, like strawberries and raspberries?

  8. I love your tiny things and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you will release some patterns one day…

    Whenever I go anywhere I’m always being told I take everything but the kitchen sink, so I would love to see a portable tiny kitchen sink!

  9. Totally unrelated to each other, but a tiny lobster, wrist watch, or washing machine would be adorable (:

  10. I haven’t been checking my email often because I’ve been so busy at work and nowhere near a computer where I can check my person email or just browse the web. This tiny stack of pancakes just made my day! Pancakes are my ultimate comfort food! So excited. I hope this pattern makes it to the store eventually!

  11. Hi,

    I love all your little tiny things.Would it be possible to make a tiny guinea pig, we love them in our house !

    Take care

  12. Yum, I love these tiny pancakes for so many reasons. Chief among these reasons is that if all pancakes were this tiny I could eat them for breakfast without suffering from that post-pancake malaise I always get from starting the day with too many carbohydrates. I love tiny, and I would especially love to see a tiny little stack of books.

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