Too-Cute Boos

Have you made your Boos yet this year? More and more of them are popping up on Ravelry. Here are some recent ones that caught my eye!

btownknitter made these colorful Boos to hang in a kindergarten class. How cute!


And ekinneywy’s autumnal Boo is nicely captured in this photo.


If you’re a member on Ravelry, check out all the Boos—there are over 300 of them! And all you Boo knitters (or any other Mochimochi Land toy knitters), don’t forget to enter the photo contest by November 16th!

2 thoughts on “Too-Cute Boos

  1. That’s a great idea! I should make another. Such a great project… fun too. It is I think my favorite pattern I have made from you. Well… I did like Rainy cloud a lot too! Squeeeeee! :)

  2. I love the boos! I can’t wait to hang them in the living room with the rest of my Hallowe’en decorations.

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