Honorable Mentions 09, Round One

We just finished going through each and every one of the over 500 entries in this year’s photo contest. Whew! The hard part wasn’t looking at all the amazing photos (that part was just fun), but narrowing them down to 20 honorable mentions and 20 semifinalists. There were so many that we wanted to include but couldn’t! So we encourage you to check out the Mochimochi Friends Flickr Group to see all the entries.

Let’s get started on the contest results, shall we? Here are the first ten of 20 honorable mentions from this year’s contest, in no particular order.

Boos on a Bed by EvenVenus


I love the complementary colors of this one.

Elf Helper by Dknits


This guy is ready to decorate for the holidays!

Ethan and The Bob by lizzybelle826


You can tell these two are best buds.

Playing at Favorites by PersiaRose


I so want this necklace!

Snail Mail!! by estarts100


Should we tell him he’s going nowhere without a stamp?

Resistor Love by flissy666


Resisty is ready to power up in this powerful pic.

playful puppies by libby_gail


The one on the top looks like he’s having loads of fun! The one on the bottom, not so much…

Pink Boo with Flowers by bresnaclan


Boo totally thinks he’s completely invisible next to those flowers.

Bunch o’ Hearts? Yes. by littlemintsattack


Don’t you hate it when people read over your shoulder?

Rainycloud rains on Grass, Weeed, and Snail by tropicalknitting


Everyone here wants the rain to stay!

Congratulations to the people responsible for these great photos! We’ll announce the rest of the honorable mentions here very soon.

11 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions 09, Round One

  1. All these are great! Love the pink Boo and flowers!

    I could never have a contest like this! I would never be able to choose and want to send prizes to everyone!!! Especially with all the great Idea’s everyone has!!

  2. I can’t believe these are the HM’s! Can’t wait to see the semi-finalists! Awesome work, guys!

  3. Laura,

    Honorable Mentions don’t become semifinalists, they were just great photo’s that deserved their moment of fame! (Plus it means we can at least look at some pretty photo’s while we die of excitement!!!!)

  4. Oh thank you for posting my Pinky Boo!! and the kind comment from knittedteacups! Pinky Boo has a little story that you can find on ravelry.com :-)

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