Honorable Mentions 09, Round Two

Ready for the continuation of honorable mentions? Of course you are!

These photos were all so great, we just had to give them special recognition. In no particular order:

Rainbow Boos by DutchMoeder


What a perfect set! Makes you want to collect them all. (Or make them all!)

Woodins Riding Dragon by tessy b


We love the juxtaposition of the fierce dragon and the innocent-looking Woodins.

Knitting Pepto by bononers


Any guesses as to what this green Pepto is knitting? Let’s hope it’s another Pepto!

Snails and Slugs on Moss by Paula knits


Love their snail-y colors! Looks like they found a good hangout too.

Boo on Yarn Winder by sweaterpoorly5


This little blue Boo thinks he’s found a pretty cool tree.

Baldee as Milton by fortune_32


Excellent use of Photoshop. And now I have to watch Office Space again!

Frozen in Fear by giolou


Not only does giolou take awesome photos, but she also always has the best captions! “Godfrey the Groundhog wonders who will make the first move.”

Red Boos by godfreykate


The color of these guys, plus the leaves, plus their funny eyes, equals awesome!

Baldees in Storm by tessy_b

Oh no! Something tells me those cocktail umbrellas don’t stand a chance against Rainycloud’s drops.

Sleepy Snake and Mischievous Mice by mayumillinn


Three mice against one snake. I think I can guess who will be the win the day: cuteness!

Congratulations to these honorable mentions!

15 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions 09, Round Two

  1. He he! Great photo’s!! Congrats to the Honorable Mentions!

    Can’t wait to see the Semi-Finalists!!!!

  2. Hm, it’s showing up fine on my computer, but I was having a little trouble with that photo while I was uploading it originally. Anyone else not see it?

  3. Thanks for putting me up on the honorable mention list! I loved knitting up the bats while riding the bus to work. People of all ages were charmed when I demonstrated the wing action and of course the pink eyes were a hit with the local Goths on their way to school. Gold star to you for a terrific pattern, Anna. I am now known as the Bat Lady of the 27 Bryant bus.

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