Semifinalists 09, Round One

Here it is, the first round of semifinalists in the 2009 Mochimochi Photo Contest! John and I selected 20 photos from the more than 500 entries, and today we’re posting the first 10 (in no particular order, of course).

Starting now we need your help! We need to narrow down the 20 semifinalists to 10 finalists, and you can help us by telling us which of these are your favorites in the comments to this post.

For your consideration:

Slug and Snail Mobile by courtiala

Incredible idea and execution!

When there is no Yahtzee to play… by WyoLibrarian


Oh, Boos love Monopoly. They just add the word “cave” or “belfry” after all the real estate property names!

Disaster strikes the garden patch by wakegu4


I’m glad I’m not that carrot getting attacked by Hansigurumi’s crab. Super action shot!

Top Dog by


Better the top dog than the bottom dog, right? An unbelievably beautiful photo. (Anybody else want ice cream now?)

Circle of Bobs by Purple_Heather


Hmm, looks like the Bobs are conspiring…to do something cute!

Bear, Cat, Panda by -claudine-


Turns out all sorts of animals can come in stacking form. Nice mods!

On the Fence by Bitter-Sweet-


The baby colors are perfect for the Pundit Babies. These guys also appear to be moderates.

Snails Want to be Bullets Too by mariannes_stuff


Faster than a speeding snail! (And how in the world did she take this photo??)

Chicken Gang Leader by teekayknits


How I wish I could have been there for this photo shoot! Too fun.

Batty Bats by DutchMoeder


Next time you’re leaf peeping, maybe some of the leaves are peeping at you!

Congratulations to the photographers of these wonderful images!

Which of these photos do you LOVE? Don’t be shy—tell us in the comments! You can name as many of the photos in this post as you want. Soon we’ll post the next 10 semifinalists for you to comment on, then we’ll have the big final vote!

191 thoughts on “Semifinalists 09, Round One

  1. I think the slug and snail mobile is such a creative idea!! I love it! I also really like the batty bat pic…like they’re trying to capture the image of bats in their natural habitat. Very creative!

  2. Batty Bats (I love this photo!)

    Snails Want to Be Bullets Too (How *did* she take that pic!? LoL)

    Slug and Snail Mobile (Too clever, and very adorable!)

    This was tough.. they are all so great!! But I decided to name my top 3 fav, otherwise I’d end up naming them all! XD

  3. They really are fab photos. I love Snails want to be bullets too, batty bats and those yummy ice cream like stacked puppies :)

  4. Ahhh these are all so awesome… but my favorites would have to be Disaster Strikes the Garden Patch, Batty Bats, and Snails Want to be Bullets Too.

  5. I vote for the Circle of Bobs, but I am a bit biassed – the brown and yellow bob is sitting on my mantelpiece as we speak… I’ll have to tell him he’s famous! Purple_Heather for the win!

  6. For the “Snails Want to Be Bullets Too”

    It I had to Guess she used fishing line to hold up the snail and then put the gun up to it to look like it was a bullet. With the right lighting conditions fishing line can look invisible!

    Ok, I’m going to DIE of excitement! I can NOT wait any longer, did my photo make it to the semi finalists???????

  7. My faves –

    1 – Snails want to be bullets too

    2 – Disaster strikes the garden patch

    My admiration to all the knitters! They are all beautifully done – the idea behind the photos on these two just were the best.

  8. I have to say, I liked many of the honorable mentions, but none of these really jump out at me. So, of these, I like the chicken gang the best.

  9. Batty Bats

    Snails want to be bullets too

    Top Dog

    Those are my favorites, though they are all good!

  10. Chicken Gang Leader! Look at how those hens cower behind that chick’s eminent authority, just waiting to hear the word go. (and it’s cute too.)

  11. I love Chicken Gang Leader, Chicken Gang Leader and Chicken Gang Leader. With honorable mention to Chicken Gang Leader.

  12. my favorite-favorites:

    Disaster Strikes the Garden Patch

    Chicken Gang Leader

    On the Fence

    Top Dog

  13. Can’t decide! Okay, in oreder from most favorite to not most favorite : On the Fence ; Bear, Cat, Panda, ; Circle of Bobs ;

    Top Dog ; Disaster Strikes the garden Patch

    I think! I don’t know! Hard choices!

  14. Batty Bats by DutchMoeder are awesome! The bats themselves are adorable, but the picture setting is the best!

  15. Batty Bats, so colorful! so Batty!

    Top Dog does make me want ice cream, badly.

    and the bullet snail one is very witty!

  16. Batty Bats

    The bats playing monopoly.

    Snails want to be bullets.

    Although they are all adorable…

  17. I’m just not loving any of these. I think “frozen in fear” from the honorable mentions is brilliant. I guess my fav of these is “Snails…bullets, too.”.

  18. Top Dog by is my favorite. As its one that I would definantly want to make. But, the snails want to be bullets too is very neat and orginal.

  19. These are all very cute! My favorites in this round are chicken gang, batty bats, snails…, too, and that sweet mobile.

  20. I love batty bats – such a great photo!! I really like the creativity of disaster strikes in the garden patch and snails want to be bullets too – what an awesome selection!

  21. That snail gun might be the best thing EVER INVENTED!!! it totally gets my vote! my second vote goes to Batty Bats, really fantastic composition and work! great job!

  22. Snails want to be bullets too; Batty Bats; and Top Dog. They’re all so good, though! These three really stand out to me as awesome photos as well as totally adorable knitted creatures. Wow!

  23. They’re all so awesome, but if I had to pick a favorite or two I’d say:

    Disaster strikes the garden patch

    Top Dog

    Snails Want to Be Bullets too.

  24. i’m so honored that my chicken gang leader got selected as one of the semi-finalists. can i vote for it?

    and i’ll vote for batty bats and snails want to be bullets too.

  25. OMG! Baby Bats! Baby Bats! Baby Bats! Those are so amazingly cute!

    I want to hang them from the ceiling in my children’s room!

  26. Bats and leaves, snail gun, and chicken gang (imagining them singing

    ‘Hard Knock Life’ a la Austin Powers…)

  27. Batty Bats is just adorable. I also agree- how did that picture for Snails Want To Be Bullets Too work?!

  28. wow – these are all great, and it’s a hard choice. i hovered over snails wanto be bullets too, and disaster in the garden patch, but i have to go for batty bats by dutchmoeder – LOVE them!

  29. Ooh, thank you for including my Circle Of Bobs – does that count as a vote ;P

    From the others, I love “Snails Want to Be Bullets Too”, fab phot, and so funny.

  30. they are all very cute, but my faves are:

    Bear, cat, panda

    Snails want to be bullets too

    Batty bats

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