New Cross-Stitch Pattern Coming Soon

I decided to do something a little different as a holiday/winter pattern this year: it’s a series of three cross-stitch patterns featuring the Mochimochi Elves!

Here’s a peek:


Maybe you can see from this photo what is happening in the three little scenes… or maybe you will have to wait to find out for sure.

Coming to the Mochimochi Shop next week!

10 thoughts on “New Cross-Stitch Pattern Coming Soon

  1. That is so cute! The last thing i need is a new craft to do, but what specific materials do you need for cross-stithcing so i can start? (::)

  2. Cross-stitch is such a great craft because it’s easy and the materials are inexpensive! The details of exactly what you need are included in the pattern, but basically you need cross-stitch fabric (which is a woven fabric that has what looks like little squares), cotton thread, and a needle. You can get everything at any craft supply store. I hope you give it a try!

  3. I would love to see their knit originals in a series of photographs being gradually covered with ‘snow’. I think it would be even greater than the cross stitch ones….

  4. If you missed it, I did have some photo fun with the Elves last year, and I made gift tags out of some of the photos. (You should still be able to download them for free.)

  5. Cross-stitch is super easy to do. I miss it, but it is definitely not as fast as knitting.

    I stopped xstitching when my kitty destroyed a project I’d spent more than 40 hours on. At least the knitting she ruins is only about 10 hours and can often be repaired.

  6. Oh, that’s sad about your cross-stitch getting destroyed! I haven’t yet attempted such a big project. Even if it’s time-consuming, though, there is something about the ease of cross-stitching that I find a bit more relaxing than knitting for some reason.

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