Saffron in Brooklyn

My friend Kana recently opened the loveliest store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn!


Saffron is a little gem at 31 Hanson Place where you can find fresh flowers, vintage clothing, and items made by local artists. It’s the kind of shop that you dream about opening with a best friend. In Kana’s case, she opened Saffron with her mother, and along with Kana’s brother and her boyfriend, they completely renovated a space and made their dream come true.

Here is Kana in her store that she has worked so hard to realize.


I visited Saffron on Sunday, and I was happy to see it quite busy, with visiting friends and plenty of drop-ins. The store has been getting a lot of press, and it seems that people in the neighborhood are very excited about it. If you’re in Brooklyn, please check it out! (If you’re not in Brooklyn, it looks like they will open an online shop at some point.)


Oh, and I almost forgot to say that Saffron will start carrying some Tiny Things handmade by me very soon. I’m so excited about that!

5 thoughts on “Saffron in Brooklyn

  1. Booking the soonest plane to New York to go to Saffron to get those tiny things! (I wish)

    Congrats!!! That is so exciting they will be carrying your tiny things. Will they be availiable for purchase on a website for those who live all the way in Florida?

  2. Sorry to double post… just saw they have a website, but what I meant is can we purchase the tiny thinkgs from her website? :)


  3. It would be great if they can be available online, but I don’t know when their online shop will be up. I think they’re concentrating on the brick-and-mortar store for now.

  4. Wow. I would definitely buy a tiny thing. Making my own would be fun too, but a tiny thing to keep my computer monitor company would be very cute! And a computer keeping a computer company would be wonderfully recursive!

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