And May All Your Salad Dressings Be White

I just returned from spending Christmas with the fam in Oklahoma. It was a great trip, made memorable by the heaps of snow falling on Christmas Eve and our getting stuck in it while foolishly driving on Christmas Day—much shoveling and pushing was had by all.

Despite the holiday excitement and coziness that all the snow produced, I just realized that the only photo I took during my trip was of the Great Wall of Ranch Dressing at the local Wal-Mart.


Either way, it was bound to be a white Christmas.

7 thoughts on “And May All Your Salad Dressings Be White

  1. Hehe! I love blue cheese and chicken fingers. Not a big fan of ranch though. My friend Alex will put ranch on his pizza at lunch. Makes us all freak out. Looks disgusting. Maybe thats why I don’t like ranch.

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