So Cute, They Might Make You Melt

It’s snowing again in NY today! Not a bad way to finish out the year.

It seems fitting now to show a few more adorable Mochimochi Snowmen that knitters whipped up this holiday season.

Threadsongs made a whole snowman convention before breaking up the group to send out to as Christmas gifts. I love how some of them really look like they’re conferring about something.


tricotadeira’s pair of snowmen ornaments couldn’t be more festive for December.


And it looks like Dknits arranged her colorful snowmen on the mantle with care. (Who needs stockings when you have these guys?)


Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

7 thoughts on “So Cute, They Might Make You Melt

  1. Cool! It is a mancala set…that’s what hubby made for the family, I made the bags for the stones and the sweetie-pie snowmen…
    Thanks again for the wonderful pattern!

  2. BTW, I am VERY envious of the snow in NY. Are you going to see the ball drop? I imagine it willbe crowded though.

  3. I’ll definitely never be spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square. But in our old apartment we could see the ball drop from our window, which was fun!

  4. I love seeing them all in a gaggle like that. I think I’ll make some for ornaments for next year, they are super sweet but just didn’t have time this year. Thanks for all the cool patterns and entertainment – love your blog and your work!

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