Tiny Tiger


He thinks he’s pretty special because this whole year is devoted to him!

Larka_Luna suggested a Tiny Tiger in the comments back in July, so she gets a free pattern. Yay!

Happy 2010, everyone!

16 thoughts on “Tiny Tiger

  1. Anna-
    Your book will be coming out in June, right?
    Your minis hopefully sometime this month?

    Just clearing it up so I can plan my savings! Your book is a major must. :)

    P.S. Remember the couches you knit? You mentioned they would be making an appearance in your book- is this true?

  2. You’re right, Tropicalgirlknits – my book will be coming out in late June of this year, and I’ll be releasing my first set of Tiny patterns later this month. (I’ll reveal which they will be soon!)

    And yes, the couch pattern will be included in the book!

  3. i am waiting for your book also. i am having a ton of fun knitting up the patterns i have. i do have to get better at the embroidery for the details but that’s what makes them unique i suppose.

  4. Tiger, tiger, burning bright
    On my laptop screen tonight,
    What immortal eye or hand
    Captured you for Mochi-land?

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