2010 Thoughts and Plans and Stuff

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! Because this is as good a time as any to be self-reflective, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the new year for Mochimochi Land.

I don’t have any specific resolutions for Mochimochi Land, but I plan to make it an exciting year in toys! The biggest anticipation for me is my book coming out in June. Argh still six more months away! I put a lot of 2009 into working on it (and so did my awesome testers), so I hope people will enjoy it and treasure it and sleep with their arms around it. Or just enjoy it.

Of course I have plans for lots of new patterns to add to the Mochimochi Shop this year, FIVE of which I am simultaneously working on right now. (This month will see the first Tiny Things collection and a new cross-stitch pattern!) In addition to continuing to always improve at designing knitted toys, I’m hoping to get better at designing in two dimensions and convert more people to cross-stitch.

I’m planning to keep up the weekly Tiny Series for a while, but I probably can’t do it indefinitely. Or maybe I can. We’ll see!

There are a few other big projects that I’m working on that need to stay under wraps for now. Don’t you hate that? I know, I shouldn’t have said anything. Just forget that I’m working on top-secret huge exciting projects.

Oh, and John and I are putting together plans for a site redesign! I can’t say when it will be done, but our plan is to create a pretty new website that’s easy to use and has more features.

I hope you will all continue to read my blog and leave comments in 2010 if I promise to keep blogging. Let’s make it another toy-rific year together! (Sorry, but this awful pun is here to stay for another decade.)

18 thoughts on “2010 Thoughts and Plans and Stuff

  1. Very exciting, Anna! I can’t wait to find out what your secret projects are, and to see your book when it comes out :) I hope you have a wonderfully exciting and successful 2010!

  2. So, so excited! I will definitely fall asleep with that book in my arms for at least the first week of having it. Anyway I could get a signed copy…? ;)

  3. I love top-secret projects! So glad you are still somewhat mysterious. Ok, very mysterious.

  4. The first Tiny Things serie this month!

    – jumps a hole in the air – (bad English, I know, it’s a Dutch saying which means that one is very happy, literally translated)

  5. Oh I love that Dutch saying! Thank you all for the very enthusiastic comments! I’m really excited about this year.

  6. Great plans !! I can’t wait until June for your book – one of my sons has preordered it as a late birthday present for me!! Woohoo!! A very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. i am waiting for your book also, and enjoy your tiny things. Can’t wait for June – is a book tour being planned? when you come home after the book is out i hope you’ll stop by Loops to do some signing :)

  8. HI Anna

    Happy New Year to you, this all sounds incredibly exciting! Big Huge Top Secret Projects, new BOOK (now pre-ordered) and website. Cant wait for these things to unfold throughout the year :)

    You rock!

    Helen x

  9. I am so excited to see your book and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for more tiny toys. Secret projects are very intriguing, you’ve got a lot going on!

  10. Hi Anna – I must’ve missed the earlier post about your book. Congrats! Have you revealed any hints (or can you) about what’s in it? So far I have made Tums (times two, for a George and Martha pair) but I look forward to making many more MochiMochi creatures.

  11. Daphne, the book is going to be 20 all-new Mochimochi patterns divided into four categories of toys: animals, objects, wearable toys and tiny toys. I’ll probably start previewing some of the projects this spring here on my blog. I’m super-excited about all of the patterns, and the photography (done by Brandi Simons) is amazing!

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