Tiny Dino


He only shows his age when he uses his uncool prehistoric slang. (“That’s so extinct” = that is lame.)

Seastar198 suggested that I make a Tiny Dinosaur back in July, so she gets a free pattern!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Dino

  1. Oh. My. Gosh.

    He’s autistic, and dino’s where his favorite animal!
    He always did want me to knit him one……

  2. Ohhh, adorable! Please tell me he’ll be in a later Tiny Things pattern pack? I’d love some kind of themed Tiny Critters four-pack.

  3. My favorite! Easily modified to a tiny dragon too…

    how about a tiny mop- “This little guy mops one tph (tile per hour) because of his size!”

  4. oooo love him! You must have an amazing memory because I have no idea anymore what I suggested or when. And I tried to look and there was just so many suggestions. Did you make a spreadsheet or so you just have a super memory??

  5. Soo cute!! You could make him a tiny mammoth friend! or a walrus (doesn’t really go with dinos, but still cute!!)

  6. It’s so cute! I’d love to see a tiny unicorn as well as Ellen above suggested, maybe a tiny angel too :D

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