Tiny Things in Worsted!

How awesomely cute are these Tiny Corn and Tiny Toothpaste made by Oiyi?!



Oiyi tested the patterns for me, and she used worsted-weight yarn instead of the fingering-weight that I recommend in the pattern. So they turned out just slightly heftier—so fun! Check out her blog to see her Tiny Elephant and Tiny Violin.

Thank you to all the testers of these patterns: Oiyi, Marti, Rikke, and Dorien!

4 thoughts on “Tiny Things in Worsted!

  1. Wow… they are still quite tiny in worsted weight!

    This is great- I don’t have too many sock remnants around. Where did you get yours Anna? I heard you can buy mini skeins some places…

  2. I love the colors that Koigu puts out, so I’m often picking up skeins of KPPM at my LYSs. It’s worth it to me since I’ve been making lots of little things with it and one skein lasts me a long time. Knit Picks’ Palette yarn is also fingering weight and is very reasonably priced.

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