Boston Cream Why?

My husband John loves cake, so I thought I’d bake him a cake for Valentine’s Day. Seeing as how I’m a pretty inexperienced baker, why wouldn’t I just choose the first complex recipe that I came across? So there it was on Design Sponge the other day, a recipe for a beautiful Boston cream pie—accompanied by pretty photos, of course!

So I tried, and… kind of failed.


As you can see, my “chocolate glaze” was more like a chocolate syrup when I poured it on top, but I rolled with it anyway. I think it was a matter of substituting an ingredient or two, and maybe also an issue of temperature. (And boy does it look extra creepy sitting in the fridge in this photo!)

Anyway, it was eaten, and enjoyed, so I guess I kind of succeeded in the end, too. What will happen on day two of the cake remains to be seen, though.

7 thoughts on “Boston Cream Why?

  1. The cake part looks good! Did you wait until the chocolate glaze set before spreading it on? Chocolate is pretty tempermental. And subbing ingredients in baking could lead to different results. You should get back on the horse and try it again when you have the time.

  2. I did give the chocolate plenty of time to set, but I used the wrong chocolate in it and I skipped the corn syrup entirely (which I now figure would have helped thicken it). And “room temperature” in my kitchen was probably a bit warmer than it should have been.

    But I had fun making it, and so I think I would like to try it again sometime. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. :D as long as it was eaten and enjoyed!
    Did it at least taste how it was supposed to?
    I am excited to be making Panda Bread for my boyfriends birthday cake next month. It will be my first attempt.

  4. I’ve failed worse, in my book you did a wonderful job!!!
    (if you REALLY mess up, just say it’s the thought that counts and order take-out lol)

  5. You know, the second day I declared it “pretty great.” John said that it was only “very good.”

  6. I think your layers are just beautiful! Glad it was tasty, if not exactly the way it was supposed to be.

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