Springtime Cross-Stitch Peek

My next cross-stitch design is in the works right now! Here’s a peek at what a small section of the chart is looking like.


Maybe you can tell what the subject matter is?

I’m still pretty amazed that I figured out how to create this kind of chart—with plenty of help, of course!

14 thoughts on “Springtime Cross-Stitch Peek

  1. I use Illustrator to chart too! But I never thought of using symbols! I use color fills, which don’t work so well with my black and white printer. I’m having one of those DUH moments. Anyway, can’t wait to see the cuteness! It looks like a carriage to me ;)

  2. I also start out by using a grid and filling it with colors when I’m first designing something. Then I make up the physical sample, then I make a chart with symbols. If you want more info on how to do it, just let me know!

    And the guesses so far are close!

  3. That’s right! You’re looking at a bike. It’s just a small part of the design though. Coming in April!

  4. flowers with eyes = absolutely adorable! cannot wait to see it!

    hey- how about a mini tulp, my mom would love that. or a mini bunny. or bird. :)

  5. It’s amazing how 1 picture look’s so different to different people….

    I feel sorry for the tulip getting run over by the bike!!!!
    Poor defenceless tulip….He never saw it coming!! And his poor sister (or wife maybe?) forsed to see him be crushed…while waiting for her own fate to unfold……

    It’s tragic really….

  6. OMG!!!
    I have been getting my S’s and C’s mixed up today…
    Accidentally put a c in defenseless and an s in forced!!!

  7. SylverX,
    Hehe I thought it might be a baldee too, but if you look closely you’ll see it has too much hair :)

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