Cuddle Fest!

It was less than a week ago that I released the pattern for Hugs + Squoze, but already we have some cuddling cuties popping up on Ravelry!

Would you believe this Hugs + Squoze was butterfly’s first-ever knitted toy? I’m so impressed!


I also love this photo of them because Hugs looks just blissful and Squoze looks like he can’t wait to get outta there.

This bright red Hugs from WormHerder really pops!


And without his Squoze, he just looks a little grumpy—in a cute way, of course!

And once again, here is a terrific toy made by tester Oiyi. I think her Squoze is saying “ta-daa!”


Along with Oiyi, I have Marti, David, and Hannah to thank for their testing help for this pattern!

4 thoughts on “Cuddle Fest!

  1. So cute! I am working away on mine, i hope they turn out just as cute!
    Gonna pre-order my book this weekend!!
    Can’t wait!

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