Tiny Monkey


Hands off his mini banana!

Amber suggested that I make a Tiny Monkey way back in July, so she gets a free pattern. Thanks, Amber!

And a happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope your weekend includes some kind of broadly-defined love.

12 thoughts on “Tiny Monkey

  1. Is the monkey pattern available? I love monkeys. :) A pattern suggestion is for a lettuce, with a teeny worm weaving his way through the leaves. :) I really want to make that little monk!

  2. He’s great! Make sure he gets his veggies too, but I’m not sure the carrot would be willing to oblige.
    what about a pair of skis? a curling stone/rock and a broom? a sled?
    Can you tell I’m watching the olympics?
    mary janes, perhaps?

  3. you should post another collection of mini patterns soon. oh, and i’m rooting for a mini wallet or a mini usb drive. (he gets his butt stuck in computers, i mean really.)

  4. Can’t wait til the monkey is available! Gotta have it for my daughter! A tiny cow would be great too. She collects both.

  5. That monkey is adorable!! His ears are my favorite part :)
    I think a tiny capybara would be soooo cute too!

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