Oooh Tessellations

I’ve been on a tessellation kick lately with a new cross-stitch design that I’m working on. Having grown up on Square One, this song has been in my head a lot in the past few weeks. Way catchier than the original!

Here’s what my dino tessellation is looking like. I’m pretty excited about it.


13 thoughts on “Oooh Tessellations

  1. Tessellations always make me think of high school geometry. The year after I took it the teacher switched to a less-proof based text. There were tons of kids toting around sheets of tessellations and still looking quite as harried as those of us that had to do proofs.

  2. I loved Square One and the dorky songs (palindromes another fav song). I love this post and the memories it brings back. The dinos are super cute too!

  3. Tessellation is great. Something about regular, repeating patterns is both soothing and compelling at the same time. Sort of like Fibonacci stripes, I think.

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