I was wowed when I saw these photos of a Jell-O San Francisco done by Liz Hickok on Beautiful Decay last week.


On her website, she describes how she makes the molds, then lights them from below and photographs them for exhibition. Because they fall apart so quickly, many of her exhibitions are comprised only of photos and videos of the Jell-O sculptures.




Aren’t they incredible? I love the idea of a knitted landscape too (something I’m in the beginning stages of working on), so I’m finding this project especially inspiring!

7 thoughts on “Jell-O-Scape

  1. somebody once told me to knit a room so it’s my long term goal! i was thinking a tiny room like a dollhouse.

  2. Wow, that’s incredible! I really like the lighting and color – it gives it so much more depth than you would think a Jell-O sculpture could have. Awesome! And I’m curious about your knitted landscape…

  3. and for those of us without the patience to knit a whole landscape, how but a knitted jell-o (or as we call it ‘jelly’) in the traditional ‘berry and stem’ shape?

  4. that’s unreal. i love how squished and floppy the shapes are. i really look forward to seeing your landscape. Have you seen Jan Messent’s book “Knitted Gardens?” i am dying to knit them, if only i didn’t need sleep.

  5. That is SO COOL! The colors are amazing and it’s so pretty all lit up. Good luck with the knitted version. I’d love to see your progress as you get pieces done. :)

  6. What I would give to simulate an earthquake hitting Jello-San Francisco and to watch all the buildings jiggle. I’ll bet that when the artist is done taking pictures, that’s what she does.

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