Soupy’s Spoon

Soupy found a plastic spoon in a bag of takeout that we got, and he started playing with it obsessively! Soupy and his spoon were practically the cutest thing ever.


He got a little self conscious about it when I started taking pictures, but he still played with it for me.


He loves his spoon so much that we can’t just take it away from him, so now we have a plastic spoon lying around our apartment, along with balls of paper, cardboard boxes, and other pieces of trash that our cats treat like treasure. Sometimes these “toys” get a little out of hand.


But you just can’t say no to that face, right?

12 thoughts on “Soupy’s Spoon

  1. Haha! We have trash around our house too!
    My kitties favortie toy for awhile was a makeup brush. everytime the other cat would come near it, she would growl.

  2. AWW!
    So gorgeous!
    My cat Bandit steals things [shoulda named her something innocent].
    She even managed to take loose screws out of a chair and shelf holders out of a cabinet on the floor!

  3. Cats find the strangest things so interesting don’t they? Sometimes I wonder why we buy our 2 toys – the favorite things in the house are empty boxes, empty cloth grocery bags and knit catnip toys – not anything store bought for the express purpose of entertaining the cats.

  4. Toby loves pen lids. And anything else that’s rubbish and plastic. Y’know those litle tables you get in pizza? ADORES them!

    Ribbons are good too ;)

  5. My dad’s dog fell in love with the cordless mouse and took it to bed. Lots of stomping around blaming the kids before he found it.

    Maybe I should get a cat to play with our rubbish.:D

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