Hugs + Blythe

This may be my favorite Hugs photo yet!


This sweet guy was made by Emily, aka Taffyyarn on Ravelry. Blythe doesn’t seem so impressed by the attention, but those color schemes were just meant to be together.

This cute photo reminds me to remind YOU to keep adding your photos of Mochimochi toys to the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr—anything added to the group pool is automatically in the running for the 2010 Mochimochi Photo Contest (official deadline TBA).

If you haven’t entered the photo contest before, check out the guidelines for the 2009 contest.

4 thoughts on “Hugs + Blythe

  1. Hugs is so cute and they are a perfect match, but the doll is kind of creepy, but I’m not familiar with Blythe dolls either. Tropicalgirlknits is not so crazy!!!

  2. Yes, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows Blythe! She is a doll with an interesting history, and she’s very popular in Asia and with the underground crafty/ design set. You can read more about her here:

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