All Wound Up

I am way too excited about my new swift and yarn winder that I got only recently. (I didn’t even know the wooden contraption was called a swift, that’s how clueless I can be about knitting-related stuff.)


See all that pretty green Cascade yarn in the bottom drawer over there? I wound all of it into neat balls the other night, and I could have kept going for hours! Winding yarn seems like the kind of thing that people in the 19th century did for fun at county fairs.

Anyway, the yarn is for a very exciting project that should, with any luck, take shape this fall. For now it just looks like a big thick blanket.


By the way, a big thank-you to Brooklyn General for being host to a great Mochimochi class and trunk show yesterday!

8 thoughts on “All Wound Up

  1. I have wanted a ball winder and swift for ages. I have no space really to put one though, so I just think about it every time I look at the knitting catalogs.

  2. Say, did I see some KP Palate yarn? That’s pretty neat!
    Also . . .what’s the yarn in your hand in the first photo? It looks nice and squishy. :)
    What. I hope that you’ll be OK; maybe it’s just me, but fair isle is evil! But again, I’m just crazy . . .:P

  3. De-lurk!

    Forgive me for my ignorance, but what is the name of the stitch pattern you’re using in the last photo? I haven’t done color work before, but I’m hoping to tackle it for the first time in 2010. Obviously I have a lot to learn!

  4. Mary, I’m just alternating colors for every stitch in a stockinette stitch pattern here. Very simple – but a bit tangle-y if you’re not careful. I love the look of color knitting, so I’m hoping to do more too this year!

    Sylverx – that’s right, I’ve been using some Palette yarn lately and I’m liking it a lot. The yarn in the photo is Cascade 128, which is a nice bulky weight.

  5. I only found out that that contraption was called a swift about 5 minutes ago myself! and I too want one. I am way too excited about your yarn storage!! (and your yarn) and it looks like it’s in your bedroom too?! I’m really annoyed with myself because when I bought a new bed last year I completely failed to consider the need for yarn storage under it and bought a bed that is too low to fit any of the ‘underbed’ containers I’ve found….. all that wasted space!

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