Not-so-tiny Elephant

Since seeing Oiyi’s fun-size versions of my Tiny Things Collection 1 patterns done in worsted yarn, I’ve been meaning to try out one of my Tiny patterns using bulky yarn to see just how much bigger the toy could get. I finally tried it, and it really worked!


I made this not-so-tiny orange elephant yesterday using Lamb’s Pride bulky yarn and size 6 needles. (The pattern is written for fingering-weight yarn and size 1 needles.) I didn’t have to do a single thing differently—the pattern scaled up perfectly! I love how toy patterns are so flexible in this way, don’t you?


Speaking of Tiny Elephants, my Tiny Elephant class is happening tomorrow (Sunday 3/7) at Brooklyn General! I’m really excited about it. If you’re in the area and are not taking the class, I hope you’ll swing by the store after noon, when I’ll be hanging out there with a bunch of knitted friends.

7 thoughts on “Not-so-tiny Elephant

  1. That’s so cute! It looks so cuddly and fluffy and soft. I’ll bet it went really quickly too.

  2. You are so awesome! Thanks for the great class at Brooklyn General! Although I am your “special” student, I loved it!
    Keep knitting because your creations make me happy:)

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