Tiny Caveman


He’s a pretty decent guy—just don’t let him sell you any car insurance.

It seems that nobody has suggested that I make a tiny caveman before, so this one is all me!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Caveman

  1. Hello, I love your little critters, adore them but I’m here to ask a favor, I am an academic in a design school, and in June I am to present a paper on knitters stash, a sort of light hearted yet serious look at changes to the way stash is being thought of in the online knit community. I love your blog post from 2007 where you post images of your MIL’s stash – and ask if I may use one in my lecture? I will not be gaining any money from the presentation, and I will of course acknowledge in full academic conventions the photos owner and origin, please do contact me as I would love to show your image to a room of museum and costume researchers – who often treat costume artifacts as existing without any maker, to be conserved – my role is to alert them to the making and planning side of the costume and textiles artifact.

    please do contact me,
    Stella Lange

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