My Book Cover!

I’m so excited to reveal the cover of my forthcoming book!


You may have noticed it there on the right sidebar of my blog – if you click on that link, you can pre-order it and get it when it’s released in late June. (It’s also great if you want to wait until the summer and buy it from your favorite LYS.)

There are more projects than shown on the inside, and there are also lots of beautiful on-location photos taken by the amazing Brandi Simons inside. (I can’t share those right now, but I’ll definitely give an inside peek when I can!)

If you’re wondering, the big-mouthed guy featured on the cover is a wearable slipper called a Feet Eater! In addition to animals and inanimate objects, the book contains patterns for a number of extremely silly wearable toys. I’ll be sharing more details about the book, including some photos from Brandi’s shoots, in the coming months, so stay tuned!

36 thoughts on “My Book Cover!

  1. SQUUUUEEEE!!! :)
    so excited! My cats name is Moose! Great projects for summer!

    MUST make those hippo slippers!

  2. Oh, how wonderful! I’d guessed that the hippo was a slipper, but the prospect of more wearable toys is just…!

  3. I love it! Can’t wait to see the book. I hope the Feet Eater comes in multiple sizes… Your stuff is fantastic.

  4. are those SHEEP in that spaceship?!? must have this. must knit the couch. must pre-order now.

  5. This is so exciting!!! I cannot wait to see the whole thing. It’s getting close now! Congratulations!

  6. It’s far less expensive for me to order this online and have it shipped to Australia from the US than to buy it from the nearest stockist, which is about a 2 hour drive away. Even including expedited shipping, which will arrive in about the same time as it would from my nearest store, it’s still cheaper than the Australian cover price. So if you find Australian sales are low, it’s just because we’ve all bought it online instead ^_^

  7. It looks fantastic – love the slippers!!! My son pre-ordered this for me when it first became available!! Can’t wait to get it!!

  8. As one of the lucky test knitters of the moose, I can only say buy the book! If not for anything else (as if) then just for the moose! :)
    It has to be one of the cutest thing I have ever knitted.

  9. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm!!! I’ve gotten used to instant feedback with my website over the past few years, so when I was working on this book last year, sometimes it was a bit of a challenge to stay motivated when I couldn’t show my progress to very many people (although my testers were wonderful!).

    Anyway, it’s just a relief to finally get to show you all what it looks like. I just hope the reaction to the actual patterns when the book is out is similar!

  10. Can’t wait!! I am so making those slippers! I love slippers!
    I got my hugs and squoze done and as soon as i can i will try to send a pic- not exactly like your picture but i am so happy its really close.
    I am really looking forward to the book!!!

  11. That is so cute. I have a friend with a couple of kids that need to have these slippers.

  12. Congratulations Anna! I was excited to see that it’s also available for pre-order on the Australian Borders website – although I agree that it will be much cheaper to buy it from the US! I’ll either order online or wait until Borders sends me a coupon ;) It looks fantastic. I think I was only able to test one thing from your book so that means there are still LOTS of things to make – and they were all amazing, the moose is definitely high on my list as are the slippers!! I can’t wait to post pics on Rav of the toy that I tested!

  13. Yay Anna!!! I’ve been waiting for the day when the cover would debut on your blog! I’m so happy that I got to help test knit for you and get a sneak peek of some of the patterns. I’ll definitely be getting a copy! Congrats!!!

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