All Bunnied Out

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m all bunnied out for a while after last week. Let’s see, what is the complete opposite of bunnies… robot dinosaurs, perhaps?


OK, so this is a really cute robot dinosaur. But good enough!

When I didn’t have bunnies on the brain last week, I set up a Facebook page for Mochimochi Land. So I hope you’ll become a fan if you’re a Facebooker. And I’ve been Tweeting on Twitter for ages now, so you can find me there too.

7 thoughts on “All Bunnied Out

  1. oooh this idea popped into my head!
    a knitted clock1
    no,not a tiny one, a real mochimochi clock?!
    you could knit the clockface and personalize it, then attatch working clock parts and have a knitted clock!
    what do you think?
    too much???

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