Bonney’s Yarn Bombing

Don’t tell anyone, but the person who recently yarn bombed a small town near New London, NH, is my mother-in-law!





It’s interesting to me to see yarn graffiti in a non-urban setting. Instead of street art, it looks more like a sign of an ancient ritual, or some mischief done by forest sprites in the night. Or, as Bonney told me that a neighbor surmised, trees marked to be cut down. (Let’s just hope no one with a chainsaw makes that mistake.)

Bonney tagged seven trees in all, and it seems to have whetted her appetite for delinquent behavior, because she’s planning more yarn-related surprises for her town!

14 thoughts on “Bonney’s Yarn Bombing

  1. Ha, that’s great! I was in Burlington VT a few weeks ago and someone had yarn-bombed a bronze sculpture of a deer in front of a municipal building on Church St — purple legwarmers!

  2. There was an NBC News story about two knitters (who remained annoymous) and sew knitted squares around Cape May, NJ. You should YouTube it, it was very interesting! :D

  3. aewsome!! I love yarn bombing. My favorite yarn store is surrounded by yarn bombed pipes and street signs. I love it!! (:

    Can’t wait to see your next yarn bombing!!!

  5. Heheh thats lovely and simple too.
    I’ve done yarn bombing in my local area and its so much fun to do it in daylight or night hours and see if anyone notices.
    Did she tag them at all or just purely put them up?

  6. fun! I was planning to yarn bomb my school but then I wasn’t sure if the administrators would appreciate it or totally hate me

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