Nipsey Being Still

Every few days Nipsey sits still for minutes at a time. (Usually he’s asleep or being restrained.)

Here are some rare not-blurry shots of this bafflingly energetic creature!




I took this last one with my phone a few months ago, but it’s my favorite!


13 thoughts on “Nipsey Being Still

  1. I LOVE these photos! The one where is curled up is amazing. Thanks for this post, it really made me smile.

  2. The last two are so cute! Men and cats are just adorable, and I love how they can fold themselves into such crazy positions.

  3. Nipsey does a really good looking shrimp impression, with the legs looking like a prawn tail! So adorable, though!

    Keep taking pics, they get big super fast! (And, we love seeing them!)

  4. I too, always call that the “shrimp pose”. His color makes him especially convincing.

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