Reversible Birds

Among other things, spring seems to be Which Came First? season! I’ve been enjoying seeing lots of knitters on Ravelry making hatching birds lately.

Caroline Fryar’s birds really stood out to me—two of these eggs don’t look like chicken eggs, do they?


That’s because she made a bluebird and a robin friend to go with her regular chickie!


I asked Caroline how she made the red breasts, and she said that she knit the red and main color sections flat, then joined them back up to work the head in the round. (Then she later stitched together the seam from the flat knitting, I presume.) Clever!

Caroline is obviously good with construction, and it’s no surprise that she’s also a knitwear designer—check out her beautiful Pudding Pie Cardigan.

If you’ve made Which Came First birds or any other toys from Mochimochi Land patterns, be sure to take some cool photos and upload them to the Flickr group so that they’re entered in the next photo contest!

2 thoughts on “Reversible Birds

  1. These are brilliant :)
    As soon as my new DPNS arrive i will be making an army of tiny lions in various colours, If i sent you a pic afterwards would they make it onto the blog somewhere pretty please? :)

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