My Advance Copy Came!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me! First, my advance copy of Knitting Mochimochi arrived!

This is me hugging it. (Please excuse the messy hair. To be honest, I was too excited to take a shower.)


It’s so surreal to see the real thing, bound and with that new book smell and everything. I reeeally want to share some pictures of the inside. I will as soon as I can!

But that’s not all that happened yesterday. My chaotic workspace also appeared on the CRAFT blog for all the world to see!


Natalie at CRAFT invited me to be interviewed for their “Make Space for Crafting” series. The above photo was actually taken last year, and the feature shows a comparison to what my desk looks like now that I have yarn-obsessed cats in my life. And basically the interview is just me blathering on about cats cats cats. Thank you Natalie!

23 thoughts on “My Advance Copy Came!

  1. SQUEEEE! That’s so exciting! I don’t know how I missed that you had a book coming out.
    Congratulations, Anna! This is so huge, and you must be so proud. :D
    p.s. You look fantastic!

  2. I can’t wait to get one the first day it comes out! By the way, is that a polar bear on the desk? :D

  3. Wow! That’s exciting! Any interview blabbing about cats is awesome :)

    BTW, I am absolutely LOVING that yellow sweater/cardigan!

  4. That’s pretty much how I picture myself the moment I see a copy on the shelf – I’ll grab it off and hug it, too ^_^

  5. Hooray, hooray! May the creatures of Mochimochiland be carried to all corners of the earth! This is so exciting!

  6. Congratulations Anna! Something drew me to your site tonight . . . Can’t wait to get a copy!

  7. Im actually dying for this book to come out!
    Ive got it pre-ordered and everything :D

  8. You’re a tokidoki fan? Wheee! I love toki too! Ha, ha, nice to know that knitting and tokidoki go together (i thought i was alone out there)! :))))

  9. Congratulations! I pre-ordered your book on amazon ages ago and can’t wait to receive it. I think I’ll be just as excited as you look when my copy arrives :)!!

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