Tiny Whale


This guy asks you to save the whales from pollution, whaling, and annoying references to Jersey Shore.

meey suggested that I make a tiny whale way back in July of last year, so meey gets a free pattern! And thank you to everyone who reminded me lately that a tiny whale would be cute!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Whale

  1. Adorable! It would be lovely for you to make a series of endangered species minis and donate profits to organizations!

    Have you tried making a tiny chimp? I saw the twig you did a few days ago. :)

  2. Love love love the whale!! I made some of the snails at Easter and they were a big hit! I was wondering if you have ever made a shark – I am looking for a pattern to knit one!!! I love your work and your book looks like lots of fun!

  3. Sorry for the double post, but i agree with the whale, everyone needs to be saved from Jersey Shore :)

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