Alterna- Grouchy Couch

As some of you have anticipated, the pattern for the couches that I made a while back for Plush You SF (sans mini Dust Bunnies) will be in Knitting Mochimochi! The pattern is called Grouchy Couch, and it is one of the more involved projects in the book, incorporating stranded color knitting and a number of pieces to assemble with mattress stitch.

Among the brave testers who tried out the pattern for me last year is beforesunrise, who knitted up this awesome black-and-neon-pink couch with crazy googly eyes!


Her Grouchy Couch makes me think of a darker Pee-Wee’s Playhouse from an alternate universe. (Speaking of which, did you hear that Paul Reubens is bringing his live show to Broadway in the fall? No tickets for me, but it still makes me happy.)

Testers—if you tested a pattern from Knitting Mochimochi, you can now share your project photos on Ravelry (and don’t forget the Mochimochi Group on Flickr)! There isn’t a Ravelry listing for the book yet, but you can list the book as the source of the pattern, and please link to it on Amazon in your project description.

6 thoughts on “Alterna- Grouchy Couch

  1. Wow. I want a grumpy couch for real! It would be where I’d sit when I got home and wanted my husband to make dinner instead of me.

  2. :D I’m tickled that you featured my version of your Grouchy Couch here! I added a few more pictures to illustrate the grouchiness of the couch, as it looks rather benign in that one photo.

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