Tiny Unicorn


Don’t believe in unicorns? Then she doesn’t believe in you, either!

Rachel definitely believes in unicorns—she suggested that I make a tiny one back in July of last year. So she gets a free pattern!

16 thoughts on “Tiny Unicorn

  1. i don’t know who rachel is, but i think i am the one who suggested the tiny unicorn. and i have been looking for him and waiting… sigh.

  2. I saw that you suggested it too, but Rachel was the first to do so, on July 20th. Sorry!

  3. Love this, how cute! Unicorns have always been my favorite “non-real” animal. And how funny the original suggestion for one was made on my birthday!

    I hope we’ll see a pattern for this one soon. :)

  4. I would love to see a tiny flower garden. I could put it on my desk at work. : )

  5. unicorns *are* real, they’re just fat and grey and we call them rhinos… ;D hehehe… hmmm, this cutie in particular could easily be modded into a rhino, don’t ya think?

  6. I would like to see a tiny jabberwocky or a pair of tiny tweetle dee or dum or basically anyone from alice and wonderland. Although I am definitely and really sold on a jabberwocky (I’m not sure what they’re supposed to look like but that would be sweet.

  7. So cute!!! When I first saw the photo of this in the message box of blogger, I just wanted to scream “Wanna squeeze it!” lol, weird, i know, but it’s just too cute!

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