All the Fun of the Fair

Wow, London has been so much fun! It helps that we’ve had great weather so far—I’ve even gotten a tiny bit sunburned, which I wasn’t expecting. My mom and I have packed an unbelievable amount of sights and shops and food into one weekend, so I’ll share a bit of that here on the blog when I can!

One of the highlights so far has been my visit to All the Fun of the Fair, a knitting shop just off Carnaby Street in Soho.


It’s a darling little shop, with very pretty yarn and lots of fun buttons and other goodies. The neatest thing about All the Fun of the Fair is the way that they specialize in silly knitted foods, tea cozies, and other cute and more or less impractical stuff. Right up my alley!



Sarah was behind the counter there and I chatted with her a while about the shop and knitters in London. I was happy to learn that she had seen my Tiny Perching Pigeons from the Stitch London newsletter!

… Speaking of which, today is the Tiny Perching Pigeon Party at St James’ Park! I can’t wait!

Check out the perched-upon logo that Stitch London used in their latest newsletter.


Totally squee-worthy!

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  1. Ohh, I know that pretty little shop, it is really close to my workplace :D
    Won’t be able to join on the pigeon party today, but I hope that you have fun!

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