Knitting Mochimochi Giveaway from Knit Picks

If you haven’t seen it yet, Knit Picks is giving away two copies of Knitting Mochimochi on their blog! To enter, just leave a comment on their post about it.


Knit Picks staffer Stacey wrote up the nicest post about the book and my designs. It’s so great to have the enthusiasm of a yarn company, and the comments that people have been leaving are just amazing—as of my writing this, there exactly 700 comments! I can hardly believe it, but you CAN believe that I’ve read every one of them. I’m so touched (and a bit bewildered) by the response!

2 thoughts on “Knitting Mochimochi Giveaway from Knit Picks

  1. Why bewildered? It looks super cute, who wouldn’t be excited to win a copy?!? I’m sure most of us that don’t win will end up buying one before too long.

  2. You should have a giveaway of Knitting Mochimochi on your blog here too! Kinda like your Anna Sui giveaway.

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