Tiny Umbrella


Sick of the rain, she’s hoping someone will mistake her for a parasol one of these days.

A Tiny Umbrella seems fitting (thanks Lauren!) because I’m off to London and beyond right now on a trip with my mom! I’m looking forward to real vacation, but I’ll still be more or less available if you need to get in touch, and I plan to keep blogging from the UK whenever I have wifi. I am anticipating cute accents, cobbled streets, and eating ice cream with Camera Obscura. (That last one is unlikely.) I don’t think I’ll do much knitting there EXCEPT for the Tiny Perching Pigeon Party in London on Monday (6/21)!

By the way, Tiffany was the first to suggest that I make a Tiny Umbrella back in July of last year, so she gets a free pattern!

11 thoughts on “Tiny Umbrella

  1. Where abouts beyond London are you going? I’m from York and I definitely advise that you visit! After all New York was named after us :)

  2. So cute! Apparently in Florida, everyone carries parasols. Maybe she should move to Florida! :)

  3. I love your tiny creations, what size knitting needles do you most often use when making the tiny things? I assume you’re using sock weight yarn, but I don’t know for sure.

  4. That’s right, Tiffany – I use sock yarn (or fingering-weight yarn) and size 1 double pointed needles to make my tiny things. Next I’m going to try lace weight yarn and even smaller needles, as soon as they come in the mail!

  5. OMG I NEED this pattern. NEED it lol

    Im actually knitting myself a full sized parasol currently I need a mini charm to hang on the ends!

  6. Just a few days ago I spotted your website and ever since then, me and my sister have been going through pages, looking at your cute creations! We love the captions almost as much as we love the knitting. I absolutely love all your creations – they’re AMAZINGLY cute!!!

    How about you do a tiny pizza? Or pineapple? Or remote control? Or Sunglasses?
    Excuse me if you’ve done some of these already. :)

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